ACMA Nominations/Bourbon Room/DRAFT

Hey everyone! Great News!

Not only were the Dirt Road Angels nominated for two ACMA Awards – for Fan Choice as well as Group or Duo of the Year, I am happy to ALSO have been nominated – for Female Artist of the Year AS WELL AS Fan’s Choice! Yayy!!! If you are a member of the ACMA, please vote!! Vote Here Thanks so much in advance – it is very much appreciated! 🙂

And wow – what a fantastic Halloween weekend!!! My band played at Timberland Hotel and everyone had an absolute blast! Thank you to my amazing band Alan Tymofichuk, Ben Samuels, and Steve McGonigle – I couldn’t have done it without them! Hope you had a great Halloween, too!

REALLY looking forward to playing at the The Bourbon Room again THIS weekend Nov 6 & 7 at 9 PM and celebrating my birthday!!


Dirt Road Angels will be back at the Draft Nov 12, 13, & 14th at 9 PM for CFR Weekend! Can’t wait!!

Draft or Wild West CFR 2015

Thanks so much and hope to see you soon!!!

Dahlia 🙂